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Bee Pearl

Bee Pearl are tablets made of Cryodesiccated bee bread containing up to 250 biologically active elements that are necessary for the health and well-being of the body. The product is based on bee bread – a unique and completely natural product that bees make from flower nectar and pollen gathered from pristine wild meadows in Northern Europe. Bee bread is the most fully comprehensive natural product in the world and is highly recommended for people with lowered immunity, heightened levels of stress, as well as an insufficiently balanced diet.

The Impact on Health

From early spring to autumn, bees gather pollen from a great variety of flowers covering a large area. This pollen contains a concentration of all the biologically active elements that are necessary for strong health and daily wellbeing. Each plant has its own healing properties and together they create a unique bouquet of amino acids and vitamins. Bee bread contains all 28 amino acids, including the 9 irreplaceable ones that the human body cannot produce.

The Team

Bee Pearl developed together with doctors , researchers from the Stem Cell Laboratory and Institute of Organic Chemistry, which have significant experience in research and experimental development on natural sciences.

“There is no equivalent to bee bread with regard to high quality properties. In order not to lose any of the active elements that it contains, we have developed an especially non-invasive method of processing that ensures a longer shelf life for its active ingredients. Bee Pearl is bee bread itself, simply one level better – a convenient product for busy people who care about their, and their family’s, health.”

The Manufacturing Process

In order to achieve the Cryodesiccation of bee bread, a unique, patented method is used. Cryodesiccation is achieved by extremely gentle methods during a slow process, that is turned into powder using a low temperature and finally, tablets are formed. Natural wild bilberry extract, containing a series of powerful antioxidants has been added to boost the effect and taste of Bee Pearl.


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