The new honey has arrived

Monday August 31st, 2015
Writen by: Kiin Products

Summer is coming to an end and honey is collected. Harvested by bees and packed with our love. On the way from the nature to you. Here we still have meadows full of flowers and bees rush to visit early autumn flowers. We- like our bees, having spent the summer in the wild meadows, forests, lake and river shores – are ready to come back to city and start the way to you.

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This season’s honey is especially tasty and healthy – there can be found pollen from osier and willow, blooming in early spring, supplemented by summer messengers – dandelions, clover, melilot and other scented wild flowers. This year the spring was lingering more than usual and many spring flowers bloomed later or even at the same time with the summer flowers, therefore this year the honey flavor is particularly diverse.

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Here we have each meadow like a checkered blanket where the pattern has been shaped by nature itself – the flowers interspersed with each other, forming a gorgeous diversity. Outstanding wild nectar essence is given by intact forest flowers, which are struggling for a place under the sun with significantly superior natural inhabitants – trees. Meanwhile, flowers, growing in coasts, are allowed to create particularly strong nectar because of the nearby waters.

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Bees collect nectar in warmer summer days. In order to get a honey, nectar has to be processed by bees seven times. When all nectar in a frame is turned into honey, we take it out and place in the new one, where the bees continue to bring nectar and turn it into honey. This year, we managed to get a lot of real – organic honey, to be enough for all who appreciate a veritable honey.

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We believe that the most delicious and highest quality honey can be made only by happy and strong bees. And we are doing everything in our power for our bees to be such. Our bees are peaceful, very hard working and we believe that the most intelligent. We carefully choose the queen bee, which determines the strength of the bee family and the next bees in the future. Every day, we take care of bee families so they do not get ill – we use only organic substances that do not adversely affect bees or nature. Every day we look after bees and follow up, so that they would never lack anything.



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