Sunday October 11th, 2015

Several years ago, a nice friend started making wooden boats. He sought and traveled to the old boat makers to learn the knowledge,  transferred through generations. There is no school where you can learn to make a wooden boat.

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There is no school where the beekeeper or house wine master could learn all the tints of the profession. When my father took over grandfather’s knowledge, we looked at it as a self-evident matter. Now, when it is time also for us to take over this area, only now can we appreciate the power of intergenerational knowledge.


If professions were cultivated family after family, that would be one powerful force. It would be one invaluable contribution to mankind. Values that don t budge. They are as solid foundations that overcome all the storms. Profession it is a value. Lets respect occupational masters! Centuries of knowledge and strength dwell in them.



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