What are the health benefits of Bee Bread?

There has been much scientific research on Bee Bread, which has been proven to:

  • Protect body cells from free-radical damage
  • Work as an antioxidant
  • Be an essential building material for the body
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Ease symptoms of menopause
  • Reduce stress
  • Speed up healing
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Protect against liver toxicity
  • Act as an anti-aging agent
  • Regulate blood pressure
  • Activate the metabolism


What is Bee Bread – and what is it made from?

During summertime, bees create a product known all over the world as Bee Bread – also known as ‘ambrosia’ (‘food of the Gods’)!
Ambrosia was also known to the ancient Greeks as ‘the elixir of life’ and has been used throughout history as a means to boost stamina and the immune system.

Bee bread is made from bee pollen, honey, bee enzymes, and bee wax. Bees collect pollen, which they bring back to their hives, where they mix it with honey and their own enzymes. The mixture is then allowed by the bees to ferment naturally to form Bee Bread.


What is the difference between Bee Pollen (Pollen) and Bee Bread?

Bee pollen has a hard cover that precludes humans from digesting it easily. Research has shown that only around 40% of the nutrients contained in bee pollen can be absorbed by the human body.

Importantly, the fermentation process involved in the formation of Bee Bread results in humans being able fully to digest the nutrients it contains. Moreover, this fermentation process (and other chemical processes) removes the allergens contained in bee pollen, and forms other beneficial ingredients not otherwise present in bee pollen (such as amino acids, fatty acids and vitamins).


Why do Bees collect pollen and make Bee Bread? 

Bees make Bee Bread to feed themselves during winter. Accordingly, bees living in very cold climates (for example, in Northern Europe) make more Bee Bread than those living in warmer climates. They need to sustain themselves through longer harsher winters (and to feed the baby bees born in the spring). Critically, they have a much shorter summer during which they can feed themselves on honey. Bee Bread is much richer and more nutritious food than honey. It is estimated that baby bees fed on Bee Bread can grow astonishingly fast. Scientists estimate that the body weight of a baby bee fed on Bee Bread can increase by a dozen times in the space of just two or three days.


Are we being kind and considerate by taking Bee Bread from bees? 

Absolutely. Bees make far more Bee Bread than they need. Only the surplus Bee Bread is removed from their hives. Our bee keepers always leave our bees ample Bee Bread to sustain themselves through the winter.


Do Bee Pearl capsules consist of Bee Bread?

Yes. Bee Pearl capsules consist entirely of concentrated raw Bee Bread.


Are your bee products manufactured ethically?

The Bee Bread used to make Bee Pearl is produced naturally by our bees. Nothing is added or removed. Our beekeepers’ single concern is the welfare of our bees.


Is there any other product similar to Bee Bread? 

No. Bee Bread is the only natural product comprising such a full spectrum of active nutrients.


How long would it be recommended to take Bee Pearl products? 

Bee Pearl is beneficial all year round as a dietary supplement.


Who would benefit the most from Bee Pearl products? 

Bee Pearl is beneficial to everybody – but especially to senior citizens, children and those who are highly physically active or prone to stress.