The story behind Kiin

Everything began during our childhood with
Joseph — our grandfather.
Without him, there would be none of
the Bee Pearl, none of the bees and the honey.
Coming from a family, rich with tradition,
where the men have been beekeepers
for three generations, we assure — everything
we do is authentic — the hard work, the
laughter, the discussions, and
the inventions.


Our Mission

Being healthy means understanding what
nature can offer and our bees certainly get it. 

For the last 80 years, we ourselves have
studied the fantastic life inside of beehives
to create products that contain the power
of Nordic nature. 




Our Bees

Bees use various plants to build their homes
and protect themselves during the wintertime.
We use the same elements to create unique
products that make us feel better.

Living in the diverse conditions of Northern
climate our bees gather all the nature’s
strength from blossoms of more than 200 plants that each have a small part of nature inside of them.

Working hand in hand with our bees,
we want to show you how amazing the nature around us can be.





Our Laboratory

We love science because it helps us make
nature more effective. Together with
professionals from various fields, we conduct
laboratory testing before putting our products
in the market.




Bee Pearl capsules are made of
cryodesiccated bee bread containing
up to 250 biologically active elements
that are necessary for the health and
the well-being of the body. The product is
based on bee bread – a unique and
completely natural product that bees make
from flower nectar and pollen. 



In order to achieve the Cryodesiccation of bee
bread, a unique, patented method is used.
Cryodesiccation is achieved by extremely gentle
methods during a slow process, that is turned into
powder using a low temperature and finally,
capsules are formed.



Bee Pearl is developed together with doctors,
researchers from the Stem Cell Laboratory
and Institute of Organic Chemistry, which have
significant experience in research and
experimental development on natural sciences.



Current Research

We believe in the powers of Bee Pearl, but we
also want science to back them up.
In the past few years, we’ve actively
researched the benefits of Bee Pearl.

Interested in our research? Drop us a line at